The taste of plant based protein powders are the reason many of us are reluctant to regularly indulge. Often they are anything but an indulgence as you suffer through the overpowering pea taste. Knowing this has been a key reason behind Golden Vanilla. A delicious blend of organic, fermented pea protein, prebiotic fibre, digestive enzymes, organic turmeric, natural vanilla bean flavour and natural, calorie free sweetness of monk fruit. Adding two scoops (25g) to any smoothie will give you a tasty, satiating 18g serve of plant-based protein that's low in carbohydrates, sugar and calories. 


Organic, biofermented pea protein

Prebiotic fibre (acacia gum)

Digestive enzymes

Organic turmeric

Natural vanilla bean flavour

Monk fruit powder (natural sweetener)


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100 g

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$ 5.00