Pure Deo Co. Native Gum and Hops natural deodorant is our newest deodorant and we’re excited about it!  Anyone can wear it, it smells amazing, and we were really trying to nail natural deodorant for men with this product.  It smells of native Australian Blue Gum teamed with freshly harvested hops, the aroma is gentle but intriguing and truly beautiful.

Native Blue Gum is an Australian eucalypt that is soothing, inspiring, uplifting.  It is a decongestant that is anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiseptic.  Perfect to combat smelly armpits.

Hops is a strong medicinal plant used throughout the ages.  It is used for anxiety, insomnia, tension relief, attention issues, nervousness and irritability.  It’s use in deodorant sees it work as an anti-microbial agent that stops bacteria forming in sweat and eliminating odour.

Don’t fall into the trap of commercial antiperspirant deodorant, or should we say, it’s not too late to break the habit! Your body is designed to sweat to expel toxins and cool your body.

Aluminium based deodorants (anti-perspirants) clog your pores, forcing your body to sweat beneath the skin releasing toxins into your bloodstream and dangerously close to your lymph-nodes.

Body odour is bacteria either trapped on the skin or clothes and often, that horrible smell is bacteria filled deodorant deposits that have been clogging your pores. Yuck… Let it out!


Virgin Coconut Oil*, Sodium Bicarbonate*, Arrowroot*, Butyrospermum Parkii* (Shea Nut Butter), Beeswax, Jojoba Ester, Vitamin E, Humulus lupulus (Hops) Extract, Eucalyptus globulus (Blue Gum Oil), Rosemarinus officinalis* (Rosemary Oil).  *Certified organic


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$ 7.99