Although people can cook and eat quinoa seeds in a similar way to most grains, the quinoa plant itself is more similar to beetroots and spinach. People can eat both the seeds and leaves of this versatile, nutritious plant.

One cup of cooked quinoa weighing 185 grams (g) provides 8.14 g of protein.

The proteins in quinoa offer a wide range of amino acids. Amino acids are vital for supporting muscle development and immune activity, among other essential functions.

This makes quinoa an excellent dietary choice for people following a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Quinoa, unlike many other grains, is also an excellent source of lysine. This is an essential amino acid. Lysine is vital for the synthesis of proteins. Although deficiency is rare, it can cause a range of medical issues, as lysine plays a role in processes such as growth and development.

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